hands holding Herkimer diamonds

How I Spread the Love

I believe in being in the right place, at the right time.

A few years ago, my family and I happened to venture to the Herkimer mines in the Lower Adirondacks. I instantly felt at home in the elements: kneeling to the ground, feeling the earth run through my fingers, searching for nature’s treasures hidden deep beneath my feet. I found my passion that day, chisel in hand: I would honor the earth’s gifts. Empowered by family’s support, I would make simple, refined, natural jewelry with the holistic crystals I unearthed. I would find earth’s gems and transform them into healing beauty for the open-hearted women of the world.

I gathered raw materials in my studio and I listened for the crystals to speak to me, to guide me. To my amazement, they didn’t just speak: they sang. I heard the stones’ clear song, and I transformed the rough edges into wearable pieces of art.

My designs celebrate and empower the modern free spirit. My pieces are refined and organic, seeped in holistic tradition and one-of-a-kind. I mine every single stone with my own two hands, so you’re viscerally connected to the source — our earth — when you wear my collection. My handmade designs are also sustainable: I use recycled, repurposed, pre-made findings and natural materials to elevate the stones from their raw form and mold them into beautiful treasures.

Wearing my jewelry is an experience. When you put on one of my pieces, you are nourished by the balancing power of natural crystal and you feel the love with which it was made. You clear negative energy from your being and harness good vibes and clear perspectives. You’re my purpose and my muse: my goal is to uplift women toward their beautiful, higher selves. While others may think you are simply wearing a beautiful piece of handmade jewelry, you know deep down that you’re connecting to your own spirit of wellness.

Adorn yourself in earth’s treasures and free the goddess within you.
Live well,