Shop Policies

How to purchase 
Purchases can be made via website, in person at the studio Central Creatives at the Piano Works Mall, or a select art shows. Please look at the calendar to see where you can see Jean’s Jewels in person or book an appointment.

All items are shipped USPS First class or Priority mail. Once your item is shipped, the control is out of our hands. We are not responsible for Shipping delays by USPS or any other carrier. If you have questions about your shipment after it has left our studio you will need to check tracking and then call USPS or visit your local office. They will be able to provide much more up to date information than we can. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, but are happy to help assist you in filing a claim for items. 

Jewelry Care 
Handmade jewelry is artwork and should be treated as such to ensure its longevity. Please use common sense. Care for your jewelry as you would any precious object. Avoid wet and strenuous activity while wearing jewelry and remove for swimming, showering, applying lotion, playing sports, hand washing, etc. Various chemicals found in perfume, sprays, and other cosmetics can damage stones and patina, cause spotting on the metal, and amplify tarnish. No polish or patina is 100% permanent, but it can last a very long time with intentional care. Sterling tarnishes with exposure to oxygen and moisture, so store in a dry location, preferably in an airtight bag. Anti-tarnish pouches are also readily available online and in many jewelry stores. To remove tarnish, simply use a polishing cloth. Gently rub your piece with even pressure in the areas you'd like to shine. Avoid digging into intentionally blackened areas, as this will remove purposeful patina. Implement caution when using commercial jewelry cleaning solutions or avoid them entirely, as these can be too harsh and can remove patinas or destroy stones.
Long term exposure to sunlight can increase tarnish and damage or fade the color of certain stones like the quartz and almandine garnets. The Herkimer Quartz and Almandine garnets do not like extreme heat. It is recommended to a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water to clean the stones. 

I construct my pieces with the utmost care. They are built to last lifetimes, but all jewelry occasionally needs some TLC. Should that need arise, please contact me via email (, with explanation and photos of the damage or issue. I will be more than happy to repair, along with cost and timeline, is assessed on a case by case basis.